Thursday, April 24, 2008


Introducing Scruffy....

Here is Emma examining Emeline's belly button. Yep, she's got one of those holes, too.

We are really into nicknames in this family.

This week Emeline got a new nickname—Scruffy. She has many other nicknames which include: Frog, Polly-wog, Azucena (her Guatemalan middle name, which is the Spanish version of Susannah), and Emma Sue (used primarily when she is getting into trouble), and Chili (Chili was given to by an elderly lady in Guatemala, because she is a little firecracker.)

How did she get the new nickname Scruffy??? Well, she took a nose dive off a chair at her appointment to get her German visa and in doing so skinned her cute little nose. Um, no, Daddy, she cannot sit in a chair by herself. She will fall out. Daddy learned that lesson the hard way, and the nice ladies in the Visa office got quite a show. Mommy was busy signing her name to a document when this all went down. The nice lady wanted to hold Emeline, and Emeline went to her, but quickly wanted mommy or daddy. The nice German Visa lady then put Emeline in the chair next to Daddy. Then, the nose dive to the floor. I got to her first and scooped her up. It looked worse than it turned out to be. She was mostly scared, which I gathered pretty quickly after I picked her up.

Those visa ladies will not forget us…and we will not forget that day. Emeline recovered very quickly and was smiling by the time we left the ladies. We saw one of them in the elevator and she comforted Emeline (in German) by saying her nose injury would surely be healed by the time she dances at her wedding. I just hope her nose is healed in time for her photo opportunity with the tulips in Holland in a couple of weeks. If not, at least it will make for a very good story.

So, Emeline has permission to stay in Germany, and that’s good news. We also got her registered in our neighborhood. The Germans are very into people getting registered.

Emeline’s little friend in the pictures, is Emma, whose parents also work with us here in Germany. Emma is just 3 weeks older than Emeline, and they are just too cute together. Emma was checking out Emeline’s belly button and they were taking turns putting a bottle in each other’s mouth the other night. Emeline and Emma are fast friends.

Also we are hoping to get permission from an organization here in our city to use their building for some English discussion groups. Hopefully that will work out as it is very centrally located in our neighborhood. I am also hoping along with another friend to start an English language or some kind of group for mothers. Please pray that God will open doors (or close them) and for me to able to work through some technicalities. Chris has also been asked to preach at a Russian German church.

Oh, and before I sign off here I need to brag on my baby girl. She now knows the word goodbye in 3 languages—Spanish (adios), English (Bye) and German (tschues). I thought she just new it in Spanish and English, but then I noticed she waved goodbye at folks who just say tschues to her. I have tested her by throwing the word in out of context and her little waving had goes up when she hears it. I didn’t even try to teach her that. The time is already ticking to the moment she speaks better German than I do. I give her to about the age of 4 to surpass her Mama in German skills. She is brilliant I tell you!!!

(This post was written last week, and I am finally getting it posted. I will post again before the end of next week with some more pics. This post was written to be posted on last Friday, April 18th.)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Settling In

(Notice the "pucker face" Emeline makes in 2 of the pictures. She makes that face a whole lot--and we have no idea where she got it. It is hilarious. Also, note the picture where she is in the kitchen trying to put on my sweater. She loves that spot. We call it "her spot." It is between the sink and the little kitchen cutting board table. She has a whole room full of toys but often chooses to sit there and "read" her books or chew on the water bottles. The other day I caught her chewing the wood off that little table! Some of the other pictures are of her at church this Sunday. We were also just out and about our neighborhood is some of the pics.)

This has been a good week with Emeline. I feel like we are finally settling in. She is becoming more comfortable in our apartment, and is not afraid to explore anywhere alone—even in the dark. She has also started eating her books if I don’t watch very closely. She’ll eat just about anything if I don’t watch. Usually if she does put something in her mouth she’ll come out from her hiding place and just look at me for a seconds and chew. By doing this she gives herself away and usually after I start yelling “spit it out,” she will spit the forbidden object out of her mouth. Almost always she has eaten paper of some sort. Recently she will do this routine with me except take off running, giggling all the way until I catch her and then she spits the forbidden object out of her mouth.

We visit a local German church or “Gemeinde” on Sundays. This Sunday they had us bring Emeline to the front, and they prayed over her. This was a moment I had looked forward to for some time. It was a great moment to hold her before our German brothers and sisters in Christ who had also been praying for Emeline to come home. There is a picture in the slide show of the flowers they gave us as well as a picture with the church elder who made the presentation. We had lunch after church, which is what happens on the first Sunday of the month. Emeline fell asleep during lunch, and I laid her down on my down jacket on the floor in the corner. All the little children from our church took the opportunity to get a good look at Emeline while she was still and sleeping. They would go in groups and one by one and just hover over her staring. It was too sweet! Those kids are going to be teaching Emeline how to speak some good German.

And…. Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Gerburtstag!!!! (This means literally heartfelt happy wishes on your Birthday in German—it is how Germans say “Happy Birthday!”)

Emeline wants to wish her Aunt Sherie’ a Happy 30th birthday. (Emeline says Aunt Sherie’ is getting OLD—but reminds her mom that she will still always be 2 years older.)

Also, Emeline’s cousin Devon is 7 years old today. Happy Birthday—we wish we were there to celebrate with you…and eat some of your cake! We send you love and hugs from Germany.