Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday--HAPPY REFORMATION DAY!

Like Father, Like Daughter... oh my!
Emeline and her daddy posing as John Calvin.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


In the park in Düsseldorf

In Brugge, Belgium

Reading with Daddy

Riding around and being silly

Finally, the pictures were rescued from the camera. Actually, these are just the first of many to come. Chris' family just visited, and we have pictures from our time here and traveling together. I thought I would save those for the next post at the end of this week or next week. So, check back soon for more pictures. We have now corrected the camera issue and now I can get back to regular picture posting.

We are all still well here. We continue to have warm weather for our neck of the woods--and even have had a good bit of sunshine. I am soaking it up! Emeline also just got one of her back teeth today--can you say ouch?! Although she looks like she has many teeth beacause she has the 4 front top and bottom teeth, the poor baby needs to more teeth to chew. She is not in the best of moods, but we were pleased to note the progress in the tooth making. Also we can add the word "car" to our list of English words that baby girl is now saying.

We have also had some visits from dear friends in the past few weeks (in addition to Chris' family visiting). We have even had a girl party while some of our husbands were in a conference in Spain where we had visitors from France and Holland here for the day. It was a blast...let's do it again soon, ladies!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Better Days

Our camera is not cooperating and allowing us to download pictures at the moment, so I had no new pictures to show you of our girl. However, I have so many pictures I love, so I decided to give you one of the earliest we have. The above picture is from our visit trip to Guatemala when Emeline was just 11-12 weeks old. Was she ever so is hard to believe. Look at all that soft, black hair. It was soft like feathers. I would give anything to have had more time with Emeline when she was so tiny, but we are thankful for the times God has given us now. I am so glad we have those precious memories and so many pictures of our short time together. We were in Guatemala for around 10 days. I am thankful we did not know we would have such a long wait to bring her home. (Though, so many more families waited even longer and are waiting even now!) Precious memories...
Back to the present...we are feeling so much better. Thanks for all of you who checked on us. My strong Guatemalan daughter never did get sick. I still can't believe it. Chris and I both had that virus, though Chris has a much milder case than I. We have been blessed with a healthy child. She has yet to even really be sick enough to bring to the doctor for other than vaccinations apart from her sensitive skin when we first arrived home in Germany, and she has been home over 7 months.
Emeline spends much of her time these days caring for her babies, which can anything from baby dolls to stuffed monkeys. She covers them up--sometimes with clothes or with blankets and pushes them in her stroller. She is a good mommy to her babies. Though she still is not saying many words--especially in English, she is saying "shoes." Hmmm could there be a reason she is saying that word. If you saw in her closet you would know why. As soon as we get the camera figured out I will post new pictures.