Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 Years Old!!!!

Emeline turned 2 years old on Feb. 12th. We had a great Hello Kitty themed party on Saturday, Feb. 7th attended by friends and neighbors. We had--including us and the kiddos-- about 20 people in our little apartment. I had such a wonderful time planning the party. I might have gone a bit overboard, but we did not get to have a big party here last year for her first birthday, because we were picking her up in Guatemala. I just love her so much…I wanted her to have a great party. We actually took her foster family out to eat at a nice steak restaurant last year on her first birthday. This year, I really wanted to have a traditional birthday party. Emeline had a blast and some of my family watched us sing to her and open her presents via Skype…yay for technology. Her big present from us was a little white table and 2 little chairs (IKEA, of course). She loves her table and chairs and moves her chairs all over the living room to sit in them.

Also, I know the above pictures are really of the party stuff and not Emeline. One of our German friends has an amazing camera—much better than ours—so she took the pictures, which I have yet to get from her. I have tons of video on our camera. So, I will have post more pics of Emeline in her birthday dress later. Take my word for it—she was adorable. She even wore her little princess crown part of the time.

A couple of days after Emeline’s party I was pretty much put on house arrest by my doctor for the remaining time of my pregnancy. So, I have been on the couch now for the past month or so. I am thankful to have just crossed the 32 week mark this week, so I am out of the most dangerous time. If Baby boy comes now he has very good chances of doing well, but would likely be in the hospital until around his due date or at least several weeks. Please pray that he can stay on the inside until 37 weeks, when he would be considered full-term. I have an appointment on next Friday that should give us a pretty good idea of where we stand with my cervix. Baby boy is doing just great…he is growing just as he should. We even saw on the last sonogram that he has a little bit of hair!

I am very much looking forward to my mom coming. She is planning to come some time at the end of March or the first half of April depending on how things are going. She will be staying about 5-6 weeks. My dad will come at the end of April. Then after my parents leave, my sister and my brother-in-law will be coming. WOW! We are looking forward to having so much family around to love on Emeline and the baby.

Please also keep Chris in your prayers as he is trying to do his job here and take care of the majority of everything around the house. Thankfully, I am able to keep an eye on Emeline from the couch, but not much else. Chris is really looking forward to my mom getting here :).