Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to Blogging...I mean it this time!

Em and I along the Rhein near our home.

Emeline in front of the Reichstag (German capital building in Berlin)

Callum and his baby blues.

Well, yes, it is ridiculous that I have not posted in so long. Things have been busy around here, and I would like to put much of the blame on Facebook. I have been posting pics to Facebook, because it is easy, and I don’t have to reduce the size. Some exciting things have been happening ministry wise as well, which has kept me running around much of the time. Enough excuses….

The kids are growing faster than I would like. I wish I could stop time sometimes. This is such a special time for me as a mother. Chris and I were just in bed the other morning discussing how we are so thankful to have 2 babies for this Thanksgiving when just 2 Thanksgivings ago we had no children at home. Emeline was in bed with us (as she normally is after about 6am), and Callum was sleeping in his crib in our room, which is where he always sleeps—I don’t need a monitor, ‘cause he’s always right there next to me! I know I sound mushy, but we still can’t believe it! I think I might be saying this the rest of my life.

I don’t even know where to begin. Emeline has started German Kindergarten, which is like pre-school in the US. She has been blooming from so much contact with the other children and learnin’ some German! It is so fun to hear her saying things Callum in German. She will now eat at a kids’ table by herself and can pretty much dress herself. She is also very much into drawing and cutting up paper into a thousand pieces which I have later to vacuum up. She is obsessed with the Octopus. She has seen almost all of the You-tube videos pertaining to octopi. Octopi chase us in our home, in our car, and pretty much everywhere. Did you know an octopus is as smart as a cat?? I know way too much about the octopus. If you have any kind of cut, she will say the octopus got you. She also loves to sing. Lately her favorite songs are “If Your Happy and You Know it..” and “Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man.”

She is very much a strong willed child, and at times I want to literally pull my hair out, because I just want her to listen to me the first time for once. I get tired of putting her in time out all the time. Ugh. However, I love her passion and her “fire.” She makes me laugh…this kid is truly funny. She is an adrenaline junky like her mom for sure. She is as the little old lady in Guatemala called her a “Chili.” She is also gives lots of hugs and kisses to those she loves. She is an amazing big sister, though Callum is not allowed to play with certain toys of hers, and she will take his toys and pacifiers at times. She loves him, and when he cries she is quick to come to his rescue and try to comfort him. She often pulls out one of the pacifiers she has stashed away and puts it in her mouth until I grab it to clean it. She is also quite protective of him around others. Callum so LOVES her. He smiles at her and follows her in his walker. He squeals with delight when he sees her if she has been gone for a while or has come home from Kindergarten. She can get him to stop crying when no one else can.

Callum Christoph is a little extravert. He is wooer. He makes eye contact with folks and then when they look at him he hits them with a huge smile. The other day after having lunch in the mall, a couple followed us out and bought Callum a chocolate Santa, because he totally charmed them during lunch. He continues to sleep 9-10 hours a night. He wakes up during the night maybe once every month if that. He is a dream baby. It is a privilege to be his mommy. I feel overwhelmed that he loves me and that we have such a strong connection. With Emeline, I had to work so hard at first for what is just there with Callum. I never cease to be blown away at that. He is also a doll baby with huge blue eyes. How did Chris and I make such a beautiful baby? I am just in awe of the fact that I am his mamma. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Callum has just started waving and clapping his hands. He is also starting to babble more and more. He also eats like a champ. He is a chunky monkey!

Well, I have much more to say, but this post is already too long. I will do better. I will be posting more and not every post will have a pic, but I want to keep our family better updated….and I have some stuff to say!

Blessings to all my friends and family who are far away. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!